Anything can happen at The Station

The Station is the city’s unique destination with a grand outdoor space for fabulous events holding up to 4,500 people. It also offers a bespoke hub of retail spaces for innovation, arts, workshops and more.

Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation owns and manages The Station, and invites you to be part of this special journey.

While an exciting long-term use is planned, The Station temporary activation is all about trying new things and having fun with new activities, events and opportunities.

Endless Summer at The Station

The Station is a hot-spot for action this summer!

New activities are popping up all the time – so keep an eye on our Facebook Events page to see what’s happening!

Find out what's on this month here.

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What's on at The Station

There’s always something happening at The Station. But it’s not just the same old food markets week-in, week-out, like every other event space. It’s an eclectic array of spectacles people don't always see.

Our vision for The Station is underpinned by an important goal: attract people time and time again. So, we are aiming to create a vibrant, innovative and interesting destination for the community.

What's On


Vision and objectives

The Station is owned and managed by Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation.

The vision of the Station temporary activation is to create a dynamic destination with must-visit tenancies and events that offer memorable experiences and attract people time and time again.

The objectives for The Station temporary activation are:

  • a must-visit destination with complementing and vibrant tenancies that regularly attracts visitors and locals;
  • a memorable destination that adds vibrancy to the broader city with regular events, both big and small;
  • a place with a community heart where people can share, create and celebrate; and
  • a destination for people to gather and meet to enjoy food and beverage offerings.